The Workout


Raise The Barre will challenge, test, and tone your body like never before. We are far from your typical barre class. We take the best of barre and incorporate cardio and interval training  for a workout that will take you to the next level. Our goal is to build lean muscle, improve balance and stability, and help you gain overall body awareness. Our workout is fit for all age groups and fitness levels, as we provide low impact and high intensity options. We promise that each workout you attend will be different from the last and will work muscles you never knew you had!


Community Commentary

“Raise the Barre has been the best discovery during these tough times where we’re having to get more creative with how we get our workouts in. Sarah and Stass are the best coaches, and their enthusiasm makes the workouts so much more enjoyable. They’ve created something that I love so much and will definitely keep up for as long as I can. I feel super supported, encouraged, and most definitely stronger because of Raise The Barre, and think everyone should give it a try!”

- Kendall